Right Place.. Wrong Boat: Pier 88 and 46 Phillip SeymourHoffman Sacrifice Continues!

norwegian-breakaway-jpgSource: By Enterthe5t4rz

46 Hoffman Sacrifice Continues! 4 & 6 Year Old Children Drown In Sister Cruise Ship Of Hell’s Kitchen Party Boat! (VIDEO)

Philip Seymour Hoffman died at 46 years old, on Super Bowl Sunday near Hell’s Kitchen New York. Many believe it was an Illuminati sacrifice to the God Neptune and Poseidon. Hoffman shared the same birthday as the Neptunalia festival of drought, July 23. Much attention has been focused on the Super Bowl party Boat, Getaway, as it descended on Hell’s Kitchen.

But, in another bizarre chain of events, a 4 and 6 year old child drowned, one day later on the sister cruise ship of the Getaway, the Breakaway! 4 and 6 is 46.

They seem to be following the TRIDENT rule. First, we had SEAmore Hoffman, now two children drown at SEA in a POOL. Their sacrifices always happen in 3s.

Child, 4, dies after being pulled from Norwegian Cruise pool

Enterthe5t4rz : “Children don’t die in cruise ship swimming pools every day, especially not 1 day after Super Bowl and on the sister ship of the Super Bowl’s Party Boat that was in Hell’s Kitchen. The Neptune references are uncanny. Boats, pools, Neptunalia festival being Hoffman’s birthday. It’s all there if you choose to see.”

The Justine

Published on Feb 3, 2014

One child dead, another rescued by Coast Guard from cruise ship off NC coast

Child drowns on Norwegian cruise ship off North Carolina coast

aka Bud Lite Hotel (tugster.wordpress.com)


Rumor has it that there’s an event in town this weekend . . . and this is temporary housing that’s been made available . . . .  Pete Genovese of the Star-Ledger got an invite to a racy party, but somehow tugster’s invite got lost in the mail?  Bravo, Pete.

Oh well . . .  these fotos of the two 146,000 ton identical ships in the same place at the same time are special enough.  Many thanks to Phil Little for these.  And as of this writing, Breakaway has already left nearly 24 hours ago.


Norwegian Facebook

norwegian fb

For more on Hell’s Kitchen

and the Pier 88 …  Super Bowl “88″ Getaway Ship

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