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Obama is Cutting Us Off at Our Heels: Video Series by Justine Case

I will be posting this series of 4 (maybe more) on this page…. Sorry for the missing links :( you should be able to Google most anything I have mentioned here and pull it up… if you need to.

Stay tuned..  there are uploading limits on Vimeo right now for my account.  Thanks!!

Reupload from January 29, 2014:

This video shows when I was first clued in to the number 88 and how… (December 2013) I also discuss a dream I had in May/June of 2013 regarding Obama and the situation we find ourselves in now as a country.

Sandy Ducky’s, Bridges, and Financial Collapse

Reupload from January 29, 2014

This video is part 2 of the series. I discuss the foreshadowing I saw in the news in regards to Iowa and it’s connections to China with the Financial collapse. Looking back now the Nebraska and Iowa connections clearly connect to America’s heartland and the breadbasket of the country.

The bridges indicate the invisible financial bridge between China and the United States.. whether it be mostly financial or it could be food related??

This video also shows the word play that was used in the news when the “Snowed In” meme came out. I introduce HAARP, NLP, Alchemy, Kaballah and Chaos Magic.

Operation Code Word is Now in Process “Snowed In”

6 Charts That Show How We Became China’s Grocery Store and Wine Cellar

Reupload from January 29, 2014

In this video, I speak more about the meme “Obama is cutting us off at our heels.” I also show the connections that I saw that were foreshadowed of ties between Atlanta and NY. As of today (7/11/14), there hasn’t been a visible direct connection in the financial collapse between Atlanta and NY to my knowledge. However, the visuals of what happened in Atlanta in January should be enough to speak for itself whenever the financial storm hits and SHTF imho. I think they are desperately trying to get something started in Atlanta and it just has not happened yet. Thank God!!

Possible New York 9-11 Water Event Documentary Videos by Justine Case

I have decided not to re-upload the rest of this series.  There are many things that I have taken down from this blog.  There are many reasons for doing so.  There have been a few people with not so good intentions that have stolen from this site and have twisted the truth as I have seen it.  I don’t believe this was what God intended…  I think I have left up the sufficient amount of information so that people can come here and see that all these things have been predicted beforehand… IF they come to pass…  7/20/2014





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